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Automatic turning machines

INDEX automatic turning machines are especially designed for fast, cost-effective production of standard automated turned parts and complex CNC turned parts. The flexibility of CNC technology, combined with the high speed of classic automation, allows the production of small to medium lot sizes at competitive prices.  ABC, C100, and C200.

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Multi-spindle automatics

INDEX multi spindle automatics combine the advantages of CNC technology with those of cam-controlled machines. They can be used not only for series production of a wide range of precision parts but also for small series due to their extremely short setup times. Whatever the application, these multi spindle turning machines impress with their high performance.  MS16, MS22, MS22-8, MS32, MS40, and MS52.

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Turn-mill Centers

INDEX turn-mill centers set the standard for economic, high-precision solutions tailored to the customer’s needs. Standards ranging from the classic production turning machine to tailor-made machining cells equipped with handling units. For the machining of simple to highly complex parts, in small to large lot sizes, INDEX consistently offers economically and technologically superior solutions.  R200 and R300.

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Vertical turning centers

INDEX vertical turning centers meet all requirements of a low-cost flexible series production of chuck parts. The vertical mobile motor spindle carries out the “handling” and “machining” functions. Short travel distances, combined with high rapid traverse speeds, substantially reduce time. Even high-precise grinding operations are possible on these vertical turning machines.

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Machine tool portfolio

Universal turning machines

The TRAUB TNA line has an excellent reputation around the world when it comes to the machining of large chuck, shaft, and bar workpieces. Through precision, efficiency, short cycle times, and ease of use, these universal turning machines have set a standard in their class. The machines can be tailored to suit any specific requirements – prototype production, small and medium series production, or for use in a production line.

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Sliding headstock automatic lathes

CNC sliding headstock automatics from TRAUB are designed for exact and productive manufacturing of long and slim parts with a maximum diameter of 32 mm. The multitude of variants, miniturization and precision of the work pieces are but a few of the demands on a CNC swiss turning center. The TNL-series is characterized through high performance in combination with easy setup and programming.


Fixed headstock turning automatics

TRAUB single spindle bar automatics are suited for machining short parts, no matter which level of complexity they have. Optimal accessibility, easy programming and powerful drives are only some of the features, which characterize the TNK automatic lathes and provides a high productivity.

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Turn-mill centers

TRAUB turn-mill centers are intended for economic complete machining of complex parts on a single machine. Turning and milling operations, as well as the implementation of other machining processes such as polygon turning, profile and flat milling, the production of special threads or the integration of laser machining. The decisive factor is not the multitude of variants, but the profit you make.

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