Traub – TNK 42

TNK 42 CNC fixed headstock turning machine – quick, precise, efficient

2 work spindles, 2 turrets and 1 back working attachment

  • 42 mm spindle clearance
  • 110 mm chuck diameter
  • 305 mm turning length

Machine highlights

Your benefits

  • Compact machine design with up to 3 simultaneously working tool carriers allows high productivity

  • Only 5.5 sqm floor space

  • Turret indexing as NC rotary axis and Dual Drive system allow chip-to-chip times of 0.4 seconds

  • Dual function of the lower X/Z slide:
    Tool turret and swiveling counter spindle for rear end machining

  • 8 tool stations for extensive rear end machining

  • Workpieces are removed fast and gently by a CNC-controlled shuttle.

TNK series in focus

Clever cooling

High manufacturing precision

Spindles, hydraulic unit and control cabinet are cooled using a consistent cooling concept. Heat energy is effectively dissipated, and temperature stability is improved, thus supporting a precise and reliable machining process.

Safe investment

Whether centralized or decentralized, the cooling concept of the TRAUB TNK is always economic. You decide which variant matches your production environment best. The solution on the basis of a central system offers the advantage that multiple machines can be connected.

Better working environment

It is advantageous that cooling can take place away from production. The noise and heat emissions are thus reduced to a minimum and your staff are not unnecessarily burdened.

Higher reliability

The innovative design allows eliminating components commonly used with conventional cooling principles, such as fans and air conditioners. This enhances availability and increases profitability. The space required is also reduced. No maintenance required.

Dual Drive (option)

The drive system in which the next tool is accelerated or decelerated during main time. Moderate acceleration and gentle deceleration ensure a long service life of the live tool holders. The Dual Drive system allows a tool change from live tool 1 to tool 2 in just 0.4 s chip-to-chip time