Known worldwide for fast, reliable and precise Swiss (sliding headstock) lathes, Tsugami also manufactures top-quality multifunction machines, opposed gang-tooled lathes, LaserSwiss, and split independent gang style machines.¬† It is the world’s leading builder of small parts turning solutions, for parts up to 38mm in diameter.

Speed, Accuracy, and Rigidity

Heavier castings and larger bearings than competitive Swiss machines

Up to 3 tool paths (3 tools in the cut)

Swiss or chucker mode 

Motorized guide bushing (Faster ramping, better surface finishes, less maintenance)

Opposed Gang Tool Swiss CNC Lathes

18 Models – Up to 6 Axis

7/12/20/26/32/38 MM Sizes

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Gang/Turret Swiss CNC Lathes

2 Models – Up to 45 Tools

20/38 MM Sizes

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B Axis Swiss CNC Lathes

3 Models – 5 Axis Simultaneous

20/32/38 MM Sizes

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Independent Gang Slide Swiss

3 Models – 9 Axis Swiss

12/20/32 MM Sizes

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Turn/Mill Multi-Function

3 Models – Up to 20,000 RPM

5 Axis or 4+1

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LaserSwiss CNC Lathes

3 Models

12/20/32 MM Swiss

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Y Axis/Sub Spindle Lathe

1 Model

Integral Main/Sub Spindles

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