Production Lathes

Methods & Equipment offers the latest in Production CNC Lathes and can offer Full Turnkeys, Share Keys, or stand alone machines.

index traub Multi- Spindles

multi spindle turning ms40-side-Inside

  • Front-opening machine for bar machining
  • Freely accessible and thus extremely user-friendly
  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)
  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrostatic support
  • Extremely fast synchronous spindles
  • Maximum of 6 tools for rear end machining
  • 6 or 8 Spindles
  • Up to 52mm bar capacity


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High Production Lathes

  • Twin or Single Spindle Lathes with or without Gantry Loader
  • Live Tooling Double Spindle w/ Y axis
  • 3 Axis Gantry Loaders
  • Fully automatic load/unload
  • Twin Opposing Spindle Lathes for Shafts or Bar
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index traubSwiss Lathes

  • Simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools (each tool with variable feed rate)

    Clearly structured work area with large axis travels and wide tooling circles

    Excellent accessibility through a large sliding cover

    Easy changeover between sliding and fixed headstock operation

    Very compact machine design with small footprint

    Highest precision due to thermal symmetric machine structure

    DualDrive: New tool drive system from TRAUB

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salaHigh Production Lathes

Sala inside

  • Vertical axis opposed electrospindles
  •  Compact rigid structure that incorporates mechanical and auxiliary components within a single unit
  • Ergonomic architecture with very easy access to fixturing and tools for replacement
  • Linear motors
  • Modular layout with 2 to 6 spindles
  • Fully automatic load/unload
  • Flexible layout in terms of quantity and type of tooling with fixed tool holders or live tools
  • To fulfill any turning requirement for small or average sized pieces.
  • The synchronous spindle with C-axis allows working with the piece fixed or in interpolation.
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