Tsugami LaserSwiss

LaserSwiss – Tsugami CNC Lathe with integrated Laser(s)

Tsugami’s LaserSwiss machines combine the precision of a Swiss turning center with a fully integrated laser cutting system to improve part quality, minimize part handling, eliminate secondary operations, and accelerate production to unimaginable speeds.

The World’s Leading LaserSwiss

Tsugami LaserSwiss machine models include a variety of 12 mm, 20 mm and 32 mm machines, ranging from three to seven axes. Some models feature a B-axis, where the laser can be mounted, and a second laser head for welding.

All programming functions are accomplished through the CNC control. Power, frequency, pulse width, gas pressure threshold, and lens focus point are ‘on the fly’ driven from the CNC program. Response time is less than 10 milliseconds!

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