Large Machines & 5-Axis

Methods & Equipment offers several options for Large Machines & 5 Axis

fermatCNC Boring Mills

Milling Heads





Table Type or Floor Type
Several Milling Heads
Tool Changers up to 90 Tools
Face Plate

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vision wide CNC Bridge Mills

Vision Wide VB SeriesVision Wide BM Series

Roller or Boxway Bridge Mills

Moving Beam Available on BM Series

4,000, 6,000, 8,000, & 10,000 RPM Available

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honor seiki Vertical Lathes & Grinders

Honor VL-160CMVG-200GB (with B axis)

Turning –

Box Ways
Up to 4 Meters Table
Up to 4.5 Meters Max Swing
Up to 4.5 Meters Turning Diameter


Up to 2.5 Meter Grinding


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Accurate Machine Tools
Hydrostatic Ways

W Axis with Hydrostatic Ram travel 60″

2500 RPM High Torque up to 20,000 RPM High Speed spindles\

Large Gantry with Vertical Lathe

Pallet Change Gantry Mill

Large Vertical Lathes

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