Vision Wide – SF Series

Double Column Machining SF series

SF series machines, with typical VW products features of rigid structure and high precision, are designed with direct-driven X-Y transmission device and torque enlarger unit on X-axis, increase the X-Y moving accuracy and offer the combination control of speed and precision.
  • Twin Hydraulic cylinders plus pressured nitrogen accumulator balancing design provides smooth & accurate feeding performance. Z-axis can reach 0.5G acceleration and keep a holding position at power failure.
  • Heavy duty roller ways on X-Y axis contain the advantages of low friction and high stiffness.
  • Ideal for 3D contouring and blend surfaces with ease with standard XYZ shift on the fly feature.
  • High stiffness light-weight table design, ensures high acceleration/deceleration when loading.
  • Y-axis upper roller way is positioned on the top of beam at max. span design offers strong supporting.
  • Torque enlarger unit on X-axis increases the transmission torque and ensures the transmission accuracy.

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