Amada offers a line of CNC Block Squaring machines to optimize your detail process.  Square a block in as little as 6 minutes each.

Duplex Milling Machine THV460 – 200mm block squaring machine

Milling four sides of custom plate with THV Series, which is a specially designed twin spindle milling machine.

Productivity Features

Automatic Process to Milling Plate with a Twin Spindle Milling Machine

1. Clamping the workpiece by the operator.

2. Milling the 2 surfaces with 2 cutters at one time automatically.

3. After milling 2 surfaces, index table is automatically rotated 90 degrees.

4. Milling the 2 remaining surfaces automatically.

This means the twin spindle milling machine enables automatic milling of four surfaces with on one setting, reducing setting time, increasing efficiency and reducing running cost.


Video Overview