Live Tools

Methods & Equipment offers live tools from several vendors:


Gear Hobbing Tool

Gear Hobbing on a Turning Center?

Yes you can! Gear hobbing can be done in-house.

Save time and money – Turn your part, hob or spline in one operation.

  • No need for an expensive hobbing machine
  • No extra part handling
  • No outsourcing
  • Create machine precision gears and splines with the turning operation

Your Partner for Tooling Solutions:

Your Partner for CNC Tooling Solutions

We partner with MD Tooling which maintains the largest selection of live tools with over 3,000 tools to choose from. Each year hundreds of new tool holders, new designs, and new sizes are added.

Mori turret 54 tools

We offer a large range of live and static tool holders for most major machine tool manufacturers.

  • Radial and axial live tool holders with multiple heads.
  • Axial live tool holders with as many as 8 ER25 spindles in one tool. 4 tools facing the main spindle and 4 tools facing the sub spindle in one turret station.
  • Geared up holders to 60,000 RPM are available with external coolant or 1,000 PSI coolant through, as well as geared-down holders for lower RPM and more torque.
  • Adjustable angle holders can alleviate the need for an additional operation.
  • Y axis holders give added capacity to the turret, 12 stations isnever enough.
  • Static holders that hold 4 static tools in one turret station. You can rough and finish turn on the main and the sub spindles without ever indexing the turret. Fewer turret indexes save cycle time and saves wear and tear on the turret.
  • Boring Bar Holders in a wide variety of sizes and configurations, in both metric and inches.

Innovative Thinking

Innovative tool design is a key reason we are the fastest growing manufacturer of live tooling. Products such as our adjustable angle gear hobbing holder, broaching tool, and turret-mounted steady-rest for your turning center are truly on the forefront of turning technology. The Gear Hobber allows you to hob spur gears, bevel gears, helical gears and spline shafts in your turning center along with your turning process.  The I.D. broaching tool allows you to cut I.D. keyways, slots, and splines quickly and effectively. As innovative thinkers, we see no need to stop at just the standard radial and axial line up of tool holders. We embrace the innovative process that has made US manufacturing a world leader and continue to develop unique live tooling to help our customers save time and money.

Tool holders that are considered specialty by other providers are part of our extensive, standard selection and ready for same-day shipping. Rear-set, Inverted and Multiple Output are all standard terms in the inventory offered by MD Tooling.  We stock holders for all major live-tool turret lathes.

SMW Autoblok

SMW Autoblok offers a complete line of Live Tooling for CNC lathes equipped with motorized turrets. Our Live Tools are competitively priced and in stock for immediate delivery.

Our superior quality Live Tooling features patented gear drives, special sealed precision dual spindle bearings, and patented sealing. Before shipping, each Live Tool is tested at maximum RPM for one hour to guarantee durability. Once the durability test is completed, the Live Tool has new lubrication added and an additional test at maximum speed is performed to check following values: Geometric dimensions – temperature – noise and vibration.