Methods & Equipment has the ability to provide full turnkeys, partial turnkeys or shared keys. 

Partial listing of turnkeys done by Methods & Equipment:

Camshaft Machine (Cam grinders & Turning)
Copeland Scroll Compressor (Micro-finishing)
Cummins Manifold (Simpson) (Machining)
Federal Broach (Broach Grinding)
Ford Windsor Camshaft Grinding Line (Grinders)
Ford Balance Shaft             (Grinders & Micro-finishing)
Ford (Bellville) (Machining system)
Ford Modular Engine (Grinding lines, cams, cranks)
GM Valve Body (Machining Centers)
GM NORTHSTAR Engine (Head Machining line)
GM Torque Converter (Ypsilanti) (Machining Centers)
GMPT Block Line (Mexico) (Machining)
GMPT (Warren) (Machining)
GMPT (Toledo) (Machining)
GMPT (St. Catherine’s) (Machining)
General Broach (Broach Grinding)
Hayes Lemmerz                   (Machining Cells)
Hayes-Lemmerz             (Vertical Turning)
Honda Knuckle (Machining System)
Motor Wheel              (Vertical Turning)
Oldsmobile Quad Engine (Machining & Grinding)
Pontiac Balance Shaft                        (Grinders)
Complete integration for High Volume Torque converter housing and cover
View of 6 port hydraulics and tool break detect sensor
Rear view with hard piping and installed fixture
2 APC fixture integration with automatic connection hydraulic system