Twin Spindle 5 Axis Horizontal Machining Centers


More spindles taking up less space.

Savings with regard to purchase price, floor space and the number of operators required make this twin-spindle machine an attractive alternative to single-spindle units. Three different machine platforms with spindle distances of 1,000 mm, 700 mm and 450 mm provide appropriate solutions for 4-axis and 5-axis machining in HSK 63, HSK 80 and HSK 100. The ability to correct spindles in all three axes is a truly unique feature of machines with 700 mm and 1,000 mm spindle distances.

LiFLEX II 444 i

LiFLEX II 444 i PC B2

LiFLEX  II 444 i DT

LiFLEX  II 766 i B2

LiFLEX II 766 i3 B2

LiFLEX  II 1066 i B2

LiFLEX II 1078 B2

LiFLEX II 1078 PC B2