Parker Majestic

Precision Grinders and Spindles

Parker Majestic offers new, rebuilt, and re-manufactured grinders.  Send in your old manual grinder to be rebuilt, add a CNC to your grinder or purchase new.

Parker Majestic precision grinders and spindle systems are second to none.  Since 1929, Parker Majestic has provided design, manufacturing, and development of precision grinding machines and spindles for the machine tool and manufacturing industries. With a worldwide reputation for quality and reliability, Parker Majestic, part of the Penn United Technologies’ family, offers machine tool builders the highest quality precision spindles, tool room surface, cylindrical grinders and close-tolerance production grinders.

Precision Grinding Machines

Parker Majestic’s high accuracy precision grinding machines have stood the test of time and earned a reputation for quality, durability, and reliability.  But we don’t stop there.  We continually upgrade to offer the latest in control and precision technology. Our skill and technology in precision scraping, bearing application and precision grinding spindles all come together to give you machines that grind to finish and size quickly and easily. In fact, many of our customers are holding print tolerances of less than 0.000050″ on carbide punches and die segments.

Our dedication to controls technology has led to the development of easy-to-use automation packages that allow your skilled grinding technician to triple their output and quadruple diamond wheel life. One of our latest CNC technology designs uses a Windows-based built-in or customized user interface.

Click on the below links for basic details on each of these grinders. Customization to customer specifications is available:

Customer satisfaction is our first priority. In day to day situations or in emergency situations, you can rely on us for quick response and solutions. We offer training for grinding techniques, control operations, and precision spindle remanufacturing both in-house and onsite. We also supply spare parts for machines, spindles, and remanufacture machines built today and over 50 years ago.

Standard Features for All Parker Majestic Grinders

Our commitment to research and development has yielded innovations to benefit our customers. Examples include preprogrammed cycles on our CNC cylindrical grinders, a complete library of dress cycles to accomplish most forms, and present cycles that can be used alone or combined for greater variety and complexity. Our CNC cylindrical grinders are designed and built for long life, shop floor productivity, user-friendly operation and superior accuracy.  With Parker Majestic, you’ll gain greater value for your manufacturing dollars.

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