52mm Bar Diameter Multi-spindle automatics
  • 52 mm bar diameter
  • 5,000 rpm max. speed
  • 30 kW max. power
  • 130 Nm max. torque

Multi-spindle machine with innovative rear end machining

A design for the latest production technologies

Machine highlights

Your benefits

  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)

  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrostatic support

  • Chuck part machining with loading and unloading by robots or linear handling units

  • Extremely fast swiveling synchronous spindles with C-axis

  • Swing arm is locked by three-piece Hirth coupling in machining position, ensuring maximum rigidity

  • Maximum of 6 tools for rear end machining per swiveling synchronous spindle

  • Already included: the operating systemXpanel i4.0 readywith 18.5” touch screen and INDEXC200-4D based on Siemens S840D sl

MS52C3 in focus

Robot as productivity factor

Automated workpiece handling with robot ensures optimum production

  • Flexible, position-oriented loading and unloading in all 6 spindle positions by a robot integrated in the work area featuring a double gripper

  • Damage-free feed and discharge even for delicate parts

  • Short loading and unloading times, including in conjunction with 2-fold or 4-fold gripper for double 3-spindle production

  • Ideally suited for pick-and-place as the interface to conveyor belts or palletizing systems

  • Machining of preshaped parts, forged or extruded parts up to approx. 125 mm

The swivel disk: Transfer to the peripheral handling interface

  • Standardized interface (both mechanical and electrical)

  • Closed system and, thus, hardly any oil discharge

Machining options


Milling with live tool in the following variants:

  • Side milling cutter in conjunction with C-axis operation (transmit function)

  • End milling cutter in conjunction with Y-axis operation

  • Plunge milling

Gear cutting, hobbing

  • Coupled with electronic precision

  • Requirements with maximum stability

  • Toothing in correct position relative to other surfaces or shaped elements

  • Any angular offset can be programmed

  • Greater tool service life due to shifting with Y-axis

Elliptical deburring

Uniform deburring (even chip removal) of cross-drill holes based on interpolation of the C-axis, X-axis, and Z-axis with live tool.