Mill Turn – Tsugami

Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Centers

Slash set-up, changeover and cycle times with the ultimate Tsugami Turn/Mill Multitasking Turning Centers. Tsugami has mounted an articulated B-axis vertical spindle inside their proven Swiss Type lathe platform to deliver a compact machining center capable of producing complex parts by performing CNC milling, drilling, tapping, compound angle work, turning, boring, and threading in a single set-up.

TMU1R 38 mm Swiss Type Multifunction Turning Center

Swiss Turn Lathes w/B-Axis

Tsugami presents a range of Swiss Type CNC Lathes with the additional functionality of live tools mounted on a B-Axis. This unique configuration enables you to produce contoured and sculpted parts in a single setup while still maintaining the accuracy only obtainable with Swiss turning. Modular tool zones and live cross and face tools combine to give you unsurpassed capability. Certain models are also convertible with an optional chucker kit.