Index MS-22C

Multi-spindle automatics
  • 22 mm bar diameter
  • 10,000 rpm max. speed
  • 15 kW max. power
  • 18 Nm max. torque

Front open multi spindle machine for bar turned parts

Precision, speed and flexibility

Machine highlights

Your benefits

  • Front-opening machine for bar machining

  • Freely accessible and thus extremely user-friendly

  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)

  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrostatic support

  • Extremely fast synchronous spindles

  • Maximum of 6 tools for rear end machining

MS22 in Focus

The centerpiece

The compact spindle drum provides maximum precision in any position due to its three-part Hirth coupling. The centerpiece is formed by 6 air-cooled motor spindles integrated into the drum. An infinitely variable speed range, high torque, small compact design, low maintenance and the latest synchronous drive technology: that’s what INDEX CNC multi-spindle automatics stand for.

Independent speeds

The spindle speed for each spindle position and each cutting edge can be optimized, even while cutting is in progress. The result is optimum chipping, maximum surface quality, short production times per piece, and extended tool life. You can also machine materials that up to now were hardly suitable for multi-spindles.

More than just turning

INDEX CNC multi-spindle machines with live tools, C-axis, and Y-axis give you access to entirely new processes, such as:

– off-center holes and threads
– inclined drilling
– Contour milling
– hobbing
– Polygon turning

Machining options

The work area offers extensive machining situations per spindle position.

The typical INDEX machine features a tool carrier arrangement in the work area without a sliding block, which allows more than one tool to be used on each spindle. The possible machining operation is thus limited only by the tool holder. As a result, you can specify all production steps in almost all spindle positions. Another advantage: You have an open flow of chips.

Maximum productivity and economy of multi-spindle automatics combined with the precision and flexibility of CNC single-spindle automatics is what makes the MS22C multi-spindle automatic so successful.

For a wide variety of procedures and for complete machining

  • Coupled with electronic precision

  • Requirements with maximum stability

  • Toothing in correct position relative to other surfaces or shaped elements

  • Any angular offset can be programmed

  • Greater tool service life due to shifting with Y-axis


Milling with live tool in the following variants:

  • Side milling cutter in conjunction with C-axis operation (transmit function)

  • End mill in conjunction with Y-axis mode

  • Plunge milling

Elliptical deburring of cross-drill holes

Uniform deburring (even chip removal) of cross-drill holes based on interpolation of the C-axis, X-axis, and Z-axis with live tool