Production Lathes

Methods & Equipment offers the latest in Production CNC Lathes and can offer Full Turnkeys, Share Keys, or stand alone machines.

index traub Multi- Spindles

multi spindle turning ms40-side-Inside

  • Front-opening machine for bar machining
  • Freely accessible and thus extremely user-friendly
  • Highly-dynamic slides with sliding guide (X-axis)
  • Non-wearing Z-axis due to quills with hydrostatic support
  • Extremely fast synchronous spindles
  • Maximum of 6 tools for rear end machining
  • 6 or 8 Spindles
  • Up to 52mm bar capacity


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salaHigh Production Lathes

D4CNASala inside

  • Vertical axis opposed electrospindles
  •  Compact rigid structure that incorporates mechanical and auxiliary components within a single unit
  • Ergonomic architecture with very easy access to fixturing and tools for replacement
  • Linear motors
  • Modular layout with 2 to 6 spindles
  • Fully automatic load/unload
  • Flexible layout in terms of quantity and type of tooling with fixed tool holders or live tools
  • To fulfill any turning requirement for small or average sized pieces.
  • The synchronous spindle with C-axis allows working with the piece fixed or in interpolation.
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index traubSwiss Lathes

  • Simultaneous machining with up to 3 tools (each tool with variable feed rate)

    Clearly structured work area with large axis travels and wide tooling circles

    Excellent accessibility through a large sliding cover

    Easy changeover between sliding and fixed headstock operation

    Very compact machine design with small footprint

    Highest precision due to thermal symmetric machine structure

    DualDrive: New tool drive system from TRAUB

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takamazAutomation Lathes

Twin Spindle, Twin turrets,1 or 2 Gantry Loaders

  • Cutting Capacity up by 180%

    With a large diameter spindle of 120mm combined with an 18.5/15kW motor, cutting capacity is 1.8 times
    than that of our previous models. The machine is capable of heavy cutting with high torque even at low
    speeds needed for cutting of large-diameter flange-like work.
    Reassuring Stability for Mass Production

    A spindle cooling mechanism is built into the unit to minimize geometric change due from heat. An optional
    thermal displacement system is available. Dimensional accuracy and stability can be attained by combining
    the spindle cooler with the thermal displacement system.
    Zero Work in Progress Inventory is Possible with Front/Back Combined Cutting

    The live tooling is available for the 8-inch chuck machine. A maximum of 20 live tools can be attached and
    it will meet the needs for multi cutting processes. (200M: Live Tool Spec)

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