Takamaz – 2 Spindles, 1 Turret

Takama offers 2 models to choose from with 2 spindles & 1 turret:  XD-8 & XD-10i

Use of a linear turret substantially reduces idle time

To answer the requirements imposed by severe operation time restrictions, the machine is equipped with a linear turret that doesn’t need to be indexed. The machine has also been given a simpler construction, which improves its rigidity and so allows more accurate machining.

Newly developed high-speed air-driven precision chucking system

To answer requirements for faster cutting, a highly rigid spindle construction with a φ65mm bearing internal bore and maximum speed of 8,000min-1 (Option) is adopted. In the standard specification, a pull-type collet chuck made by TAKAMAZ is fitted. However, chucks such as the T850 type outward-opening chuck that has been used previously can also be used, or alternatively a 5-inch power chuck could be fitted. ※Power chucks can be used with XD-8PLUS/XD-8TPLUS only

Integral tool holders for simple setup (XD-8 PLUS: linear turret)

Integral tool holders has been adopted to improve rigidity, speed up setup changes, and save space. Due to the integral construction, chips are no longer trapped against the holder, and accidents that result from the trapping of chips are also prevented

Item XD-8 PLUS XD-8T PLUS Unit
Chuck size 5 × 2 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. φ65 mm
Spindle speed Max. 4,500(8,000 opt) min-1
Type Horizontal linear 6-station turret
Max.stroke X:200 z:380 X:140 Z:380 mm
Rapid traverse rate X:18 Z:24 m/min
Spindle motor AC3.7/2.2 kW
L × W 1,580 × 1,550 mm
Controller FANUC

High-speed servo turret substantially cuts idle time

The rigidity of the 10-station drum turret used on the machine has increased through a uniform, balanced design, making it capable of continuous full operation. The turret rotation speed of 0.2 seconds per index is one of the fastest available.

New 8-inch chuck specification

An 8-inch chuck has now been designed to complement the existing 6-inch specifications. This allows a response to more diverse needs.

The addition of rotary tools permits process integration.

The machine can be equipped with simple rotary tools capable of boring and milling on side faces.

Compact design with integral loader for high-efficiency operation.

The exceptional total balance that has been achieved by integrating the loader with the machine has lead no only to high productivity but also a broad range of other benefits including space savings and joint maintenance during after service.

Item ability Unit
Chuck size 6 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. φ75 mm
Spindle speed Max. 4,500 min-1
Type 10-station turret
Max.stroke X:120
Rapid traverse rate X:18
Speendle motor AC5.5 / 3.7 kW
L × W 2,310 × 1,695 mm
Controller FANUC