CNC Jig Borer


Kitamura Jig Boring Machine – Jigcenter 5

If you require ultra-high precision for high tolerance parts, Kitamura’s Jigcenter-5 Vertical Jig Boring machine offers exceptional accuracies of ±0.000039” Full Stroke, repeatability ±0.00002”. Maximum workpiece size of 32.1” x 27.8” x 23.6” allows for the machining of a greater variety of complex shapes and larger workpiece sizes. Double column bridge-type construction combined with large diameter twin ballscrews, linear scale feedback and high speed 20,000rpm spindle combine to offer the highest levels of accuracy and rigidity for more sophisticated, high-profit work.

Jigcenter-5. CNC JIG BORER. Kitamura Precise Metalworking Devices

Table Size: 30.7” x 47.2” (780 x 1,200mm)
Travel (X, Y, Z): 32” x 29.3” x 19.7” (815 x 745 x 500mm)
Spindle Taper: NST No. 40
Spindle Speed: 20~20,000rpm
Tool Storage Capacity: 50 Pcs. (100 Opt.)
Tool Change Time (T-T/C-C):2.5 Sec. /5.0 Sec.
Rapid Feed (X, Y, Z): 984pm (25m/min)