Fooke 5 Axis Gantry

ENDURA® high speed milling machines in portal construction

The suitable ENDURA® high speed milling machine for every machining task

No matter how challenging the application – we can provide you with a suitable FOOKE ENDURA® CNC-controlled portal milling machine. The characteristics of the ENDURA®high speed milling machines, which are either designed as 5-axis milling machine or as special machine according to customer requirement, are outstanding.The machines have a high machine dynamic with quick acceleration values and constantly high feed rates.

Consequently, our portal milling machines have a clearly higher speed level, which allows a better productivity. A coherent execution of the structural components, based on optimal use of suitable materials and mass, induce less process and reaction forces on the machine and its structural elements. Therefore, our machines stand out due to their excellent quality of movement execution with a high path contour accuracy. Thus, they reach an optimal surface quality and accuracy of the work piece. Compared to other classical Gantry milling machines, our machines have less wear and moderate acquisition costs. See for yourself and choose the desired model from our range of efficient 5-axis milling machines respectively high speed milling machines.